Sunday, August 2, 2009

Mail rocks my world!

Yesterday I got a surprise package from my sister, Kerry, who had been charity shopping in Inverness and picked up some goodies for me. As well as some pretty ribbons and fun stickers she got me these sewing patterns for doll's clothes and a teddy bear. I mean there's a pattern for a teddy bear in there (pictured on the back) along with the doll's clothes patterns, not that she got me an actual teddy bear. I love the illustration on the front - the outfits are fab!
There was this snazzy knitting pattern. I have quite a collection of vintage knitting patterns now and can't quite decide what to do with them. I've chosen eight to frame for my crafty room but have only painted four of the frames. I painted them MONTHS ago and the other four have sat unpainted since. Tonight...?
This booklet of springtime knitting patterns has some really cute pictures in it. Look at the little boy and girl on the bottom right!
Some glow in the dark stars in sweet packaging and the stars are teeny tiny. I may have a plan for them...
A Big Fun postcard! Remember them? I think one of them came from Elgin, maybe. I certainly went to swimming lessons with someone who claimed their cousin was in the band...!

The package also contained a couple of balls of wool in lovely shades of green so last night, given that my shop was so fully stocked (Ha! I wonder if I will ever need to re-stock? I may have overdone it a bit...) and I was at a bit of a Saturday night loose end (when did I lose all my rock and roll?) I finally got round to making this little tree embroidery on hessian, that I'd been thinking about for ages. I'd been telling Kerry about it so I guess that's why she picked up the wool. What a good sister!
I actually made one of these during home economics when I was at primary school (we turned it into a calendar) and I've always remembered it. It's such a neat little idea. I should do a tutorial!
This was just a wee quick trial (and I think I'd make the trunks a bit shorter next time) but I still like it and I'm sure I could do something with it, I'm just not sure what exactly yet. I love seventies looking wool projects. I've got a great book called 'Have You Any Wool?' with all sorts of projects that I've yet to try. I will need to dig it out and see what else I could make.


  1. Oh yes, you really should do a tute on the trees, they are cool. I would do some in blues and purples and mount them in a box frame to go on my bedroom wall!
    The shops looking good!

  2. Thanks so much :)

    I'm glad you like the trees. I will try to post a quick tutorial for you sometime soon. Blue and purple trees sound good - I like your thinking!

    (There's a joke to be made there somewhere about thinking outside and inside the box... I'll resist...)

  3. I love your hessian embroidery and would encourage you (a) to do that tutorial, and (b) not to shorten those elegant trunks.

    I'd possibly do them in groups of greens/yellows, blues/purples, pinks/oranges... and three hung together would be nice. I'd also consider using wooden dowel top and bottom rather than a frame just because it reminds me more of the lo-fi '70s.

    I, too, love '70s wool craft and was starting to suspect I was the only one. Glad I'm not. Very nice!

    -- Sleepless in Sydney

  4. Thanks for your comment :) Watch this space and I promise I will do that tutorial when I'm back from my holidays! Who could deny two such lovely requests?

    p.s. I thought EVERYONE loved 70s wool craft! One (or both) of us is very wrong... Ha!


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