Monday, August 3, 2009

Giveaways are not a mug's game!

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Look what I won! Woo hoo! This mug was hand drawn by Marceline of Asking For Trouble fame and she was giving one away over on her blog. And I was the lucky winner. Yay! I've been having quite the good luck in the blog giveaway stakes lately as I also won some French cigarette cards in a giveaway over at Miso Funky while I was in Elgin. I can't wait to see this mug in real life and to drink my first cuppa from it :)

This stroke of good luck was well timed as we're having a problem with a leaking pipe today (and, after much fiddling, have just been reliably informed we'll need to call in a pro) which is quite depressing and frustrating. It's not helping me at all in my quest to get the flat ship shape for my parents' visit! Sigh... But this good news has helped to cheer me up a bit :) Did I mention I'm a winner? Yes I did! Yippee!

Anybody know a reliable and reasonably priced handyman/plumber in the Glasgow area?

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