Friday, August 28, 2009

pint sized spider!

This is the giant spider we captured in our living room last night. Look at the antennae fangs! Aaaargh! I'm not officially scared of spiders but this one changed all of that. I actually got goosebumps looking at it. That is honestly a pint glass it's in. Massive.
I'm hoping we're not victims of a spider invasion... Graham accidentally dried his face on a spider that had been sleeping on his towel yesterday morning. I don't know if it was as big and hairy as this one. Check out its hairy legs. Shudder.
Even Lola the bug hunter was a bit wary.
This was as close as she got and she promptly ran away when it started throwing itself at the side of the glass.
Sorry for the rubbish/dark photos. Since our ceiling rose fell down our living room is darker than ever. It's making evening crafting very difficult (ow! my eyes!) but I managed to sew the backs onto 11 zip brooches last night. A new record! Today I have sore fingers and sore eyes, and another 20 odd brooch backs to do...!


  1. That´s not a spider, it´s a monster!


  2. Thanks, Gladys. That makes me feel a bit less wimpy! :)

  3. I think there must be a nation wide invasion because I caught a pint size one in my bath the other week- actually I left it in the bath for four days before I could summon the courage to get it out, by that point I was so stinky I just had to do it!


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