Tuesday, July 12, 2011

car journeys in the eighties

A while back my sister sent me a link to this song and I was instantly transported back to being in the car with our parents in the eighties. January February was on some sort of compilation tape (the only tape in the car from what I can remember!) along with this song by Cliff Richard.


We used to get so excited about going away in the car in the summer holidays. The only holidays we ever went on really were to stay with our grandparents in Islay, which involved about eight hours in the car before we even got to the ferry. Once our mum had worn out the Cliff and Barbara tape, my sister and I would sing all the way. For weeks before we set off Kerry and I would plan the journey meticulously. A big part of this was writing a numbered list of all the hundreds of songs we knew and stapling it together into a booklet, complete with illustrated cover. We'd get our mum and dad to pick a number and then sing the corresponding song. Particular favourites included Ging Gang Gooly (with our self-choreographed hand dance, which I can still remember), An Austrian Went Yodling, I Love To Go A-Wandering and the song from the Skol advert. The lyrics for this were, "Skol, Skol, Skol, Skol. Skol, Skol, Skol, Skol. Why aren't you singing? Because I've forgotten the words." Our poor parents... Then again, they did make us listen to Cliff and Barbara!


  1. I think we may have owned the same tape! Thanks for reminding me!! x

  2. Ha! I wonder if it was Now... or, as they were less catchily called in those days, Now That's What I Call Music.

    I'm pretty sure I thought both these songs were by the same person, strangely. I also thought the lyrics were, "January, February, won't you come to tea?" Ah, the innocence of youth...

    Glad you could join me in my trip down memory lane :)


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