Saturday, July 16, 2011

sobbing in the cinema on a saturday

Graham and I had been planning some sort of elaborate day out today, but the crazily changeable weather scuppered that plan, so we went to the cinema for an afternoon movie instead. Semi-randomly we went to see a Turkish film called Bal at the GFT. It was such a good film, very quiet and beautiful. As soon as I saw the little boy who was the main actor I knew the film was probably going to tug on my heartstrings at some point. I sniffled quietly for the last half hour of the film, thought I had pulled myself together and then had to be consoled by Graham as I sobbed on his shoulder once the lights went up. It was such a sweet and sad film and one that I would definitely recommend going to see if you are not as much of a softie as I am. If you're in Glasgow, it's on at the GFT until Thursday at least, screening times here.


  1. I get really embarrassed walking out of a movie theatre with red rimmed eyes and a snotty nose. So it sounds like a good Sunday arvo at home movie for me :-)

  2. I don't mind sniffling quietly in the dark usually, but it is kind of embarrassing to cry like that after the lights have gone up. I was lucky to have Graham with me - he only laughed at me a little bit (fair's fair!) and let me hide my crumpled face on his shoulder until I had got over it. The sad thing is that I still keep welling up even today every time I think about little bits of this film :(


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