Friday, July 29, 2011

must find mustard! please help!

I'm sure it will come as no surprise to you that I am planning (or should I say hoping - feeling a little overwhelmed with plans...) to make a ripple blanket for our baby, but I have hit a stumbling block before I have even begun.
I have a very specific colour palette in mind - dark turquoise/teal, dark brown, bright pink (just a little bit) and mustard.
I don't really go in for expensive, super-soft-type wools and tend to use whatever claims it's double knitting and machine washable and doesn't cost a lot of money. I think I usually end up using acrylic stuff, but I'm not very good at paying attention to labels.
I know I can get the blue, brown and pink wool that I'm looking for easily, but try as I might I can't find the right shade of mustard anywhere.
It needs to be a nice, rich mustard, something not too yellow, but different enough from the brown to be a real contrast.
Looking through old blog posts (where all these images came from) I can see that mustard is very important to me.
Anybody got any top tips of where I can find a few balls of cheap double knitting acrylic-type stuff in an amazing shade of mustard so that I can start crocheting? My own trawling of the shops/internet has not been successful so far.
Thank you!


  1. Can't help out, but just commenting to say I love all your mustard goodies and charity shop finds! we have also started having fun getting bits from charity shops, nice finding stuff that has character! :)

  2. ooo. that does seem a challenge although there must be something out there! I'm going yarn hunting this week I'll keep my eyes peeled for anything that might fit the bill! p.s loving the various mustard coloured objects

  3. Claire, did you find any on your jaunt??? It's the sort of thing you think MUST exist, but where?

    Thanks for all the mustard loving, everyone :)


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