Friday, July 15, 2011

laughter is the best medicine... maybe

I had a truly terrible day yesterday. I woke up feeling awful. The headache I'd had since the evening before had not eased off at all overnight and it was making me really miserable. I spent the morning moping about and rubbing my head a lot. In the afternoon I set off for work (probably not the best idea) and fell up the stairs while exiting the underground. Now, as well as a sore head, I had excruciatingly painful shins. I arrived at work and cried in the toilets for ten minutes before pulling myself together enough to enter the office. One hour later, my shins were more painful than ever. I went to the toilet to investigate my bruises and found that my leggings were stuck to a 20cm-long gash of raw flesh. I literally had no shin skin left and now have scars that would have put even my five-year-old self's legs to shame. I then spent over 90 minutes in a stuffy meeting about software that means nothing to me before being sent home early from work with a full-blown migraine :( I haven't had a migraine for almost eight years and had really hoped they were a thing of the past. Sadly not. Perhaps the brewing of this migraine explains the low spirits and extreme lazing of Tuesday though. Vindicated!

Anyway, with psychically good timing, my sister sent me the above picture last night and it really made me laugh. That'll show those pesky boys! Laughing did make my head hurt a bit more, but it was worth it to lift my spirits - much needed.

Today I am well slept, my headache has subsided to a dull throb and I'm feeling rather proud of my skint shins. I'm not sure whether returning to work today for a late shift from hell is the best decision, but I'm going to give it a go and just keep reminding myself that I am off all weekend and can continue my recovery then. Gah, I had forgotten how much migraines suck...


  1. Crikey, poor you! What a trooper - don't go back unless you're up to it - I went in and did an overtime late shift yesterday, I must have psychically sensed your migraine's approach! Hope you feel better soon - that picture made me chuckle too :)

  2. Well, on your head be it, missy! Just took your advice and phoned in sick. I went to the shops to get food for work and as soon as the sun hit my eyes and my feet thudded on the pavement, my head started feeling like it was going to explode and my face went numb - never a good sign! So I'm off to the doctor for hardcore drugs and then an early night. Totally got the guilt though, especially as my appraisal was scheduled for today :(

  3. Oh no- that sounds awful. Just remember that a day off from work will hopefully mean a speedy recovery- don't feel bad!

    Take care lady!

  4. Thanks. The doctor recommended an early night and a cool, dark room - the total opposite of what my evening would have been at work. Looks like phoning in sick was a good medical decision. I'll keep telling myself that anyway!

  5. Eugh. I hope you're feeling better now.
    I wonder if that lace trick would also work if you sewed it to their pants? I can't stand chaps wearing their jeans halfway down their bahookie so you see their undercrackers.

  6. Ha ha ha! Best idea ever!

    And, yes, I do seem to be feeling better today, thanks :)


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