Sunday, July 10, 2011

three reasons to like my job

Reason number one. Recently one of my colleagues, Helen, made this amazing tennis-ball cake to celebrate the Wimbledon final. How great is that?!
It tasted just as good on the inside as it looked on the outside - chocolatey deliciousness!
Reason number two. I have had rather a lot of DVD subtitling shifts lately (as opposed to TV subtitling shifts) and this is not generally a good thing, but I spent most of last week subtitling Lost Land Of The Tiger/Jaguar/Volcano, which were all really interesting. They found loads of amazing animals and new species, but the best thing of all about these programmes was Dr George McGavin the insect expert, pictured above in his element with a large moth on his face. I am seriously smitten with him and his accent and his enthusiasm for insects and life in general. Dear BBC, please make more programmes featuring George!

Reason number three. When I arrived at work last night, another colleague, Emma, told me she had had a dream about me and that it was probably the nicest dream she had ever had. She was at some sort of event with lots of stuff happening and part of that was a craft fair. Instead of stationary stalls, all the makers brought their own little wagon full of goodies. I was there and my wagon was pulled by a real live donkey covered in wrapping paper. My speciality was for making animals pretending to be other animals and Emma especially liked my dog pretending to be a monkey. Then her sister came in and said there was a room full of ballerinas who wouldn't start dancing until Emma went to watch them. When she went into the ballerina room, they were all holding plates and plates full of cakes. Her sister said, "The ballerinas won't eat any cakes, so we'll have to eat them all." Then Emma woke up feeling really happy. That does sound like a very nice dream, if you ask me, and I was delighted to be in it :)

I could probably give you more than three reasons not to like my job at the moment (the main ones being that it is SO HOT IN THERE and I keep having to do late shifts and just seem unable to sleep after them at the moment) but I will try to focus on the positives since I have to go in there for 10 long hours this afternoon/evening and don't want to cry at the thought. Cakes, nice people and Dr George McGavin. I repeat, cakes, nice people and Dr George McGavin. Cakes, nice people and Dr George McGavin. And enough money in my bank account to be able to feed myself.


  1. Good positive thoughts :-)
    Fab cake!
    Your workmate sounds like a bit of a nutter - I like her :-)
    Not totally sold on the insect moth on face man yet...

  2. Ha ha! I really like that workmate too :)

    It'll just be the moth that's putting you off. Dr George McGavin is the loveliest man EVER!

    Positive thoughts... 9.75 hours of shift done, 0.25 hours of shift to go! Mmmm, bed!


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