Friday, July 22, 2011

satisfying segmentation of sewing supplies

For the longest time, my embroidery threads have been in a state of tangled disarray inside a little sewing basket. I couldn't see what colours I had or select a thread very easily. You will have to take my word for the horror because I couldn't find my camera the other day to take a before photo. What with the impending arrival, I need to clear up (clear out? eep!) my craft room so that it can become even more multipurpose. As well as its current dual purpose of crafting and cats' toileting, I think it will need to accommodate Graham (yes, a boy and his gadgets in my lovely girly room!) and a spare bed and various other gubbins. Obviously we will remove the cats' toilet if anyone needs to use the spare bed...
Anyway, this brings me on to this item of great loveliness that I've been meaning to blog about for over a year. My mum and dad got me this beautiful old sewing box (with a few lovely old things and family sewing heirlooms in it) for my 30th birthday. My new aim is to fit pretty much all my sewing accoutrements in this one box. I think with a little bit of planning (and some getting rid of things I don't really need) it could comfortably house all my basic sewing supplies plus some lovely extras. This would mean I could use and enjoy the beautiful sewing box even more and save a whole heap of space in the craft room. I'd also stand a better chance of finding things.
I'll try to share more of the box's loveliness (including the story behind my granny's stitch-picker) at some other point when there's more light for photos and more energy in my brain. In the meantime, here's the little sticker that's inside the lid. For some reason, the fact the box is Norwegian makes me love it all the more.
Would you look how perfectly my bobbins of embroidery thread fit in the top level of the box? It was obviously meant to be. Most satisfying :)


  1. Hahahaaaaa! You've started nesting already!! x

  2. I have my threads arranged like this and the colour scheming is very pleasing to the eye. I have plastic boxes though rather than a pretty box like this one.

  3. Don't laugh at me, Daisie! My nest needs a lot of work!! ;)

    Colour scheming is definitely the way to go, I think. It's very quick to do, but gives the illusion that you are ridiculously organised. Ever since I sorted my threads, I look at them in moments of panic, block out the rest of the chaos that surrounds me and tell myself I am totally ready for this baby. Ah, sweet disillusionment...

  4. Drooooool. I have been eyeing up vintage sewing boxes on eBay lately, only to be VERY disappointed to realise that most of them are the 'vintage style' sewing boxes that John Lewis has started selling.

    I am sure when it is time, the sewing box fairies will visit me. Until then, I'll be very envious of your lovely new acquisition.

  5. It is lovely, isn't it? My mum found this one randomly at an auction, but I think she did quite a bit of repairing and cleaning up before she gave it to me.

    Good luck with your quest!


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