Sunday, November 8, 2009

And the winner is...

... comment number one, which was from Marceline, who liked the hulder print best of all. Congratulations, Marceline! I will be emailing you tonight to find out your address and will send you your hulder print as soon as possible.

Thanks to everyone else who entered, whether you were one of the six (brilliant) people who actually entered, or one of the many thousands/millions who entered in spirit, I'm sure... :)

I had a brilliant day at the market today. It was mega busy and there were heaps of good stalls and loads of enthusiastic customers and browsers. My friend Bernadette came along to help me on my stall, and we drank wine while we sold my wares (lots of them!) and then went out for dinner afterwards. I make money, I spend money... I bought something great (and resisted lots of other things) but I will share all soon. For now, I have to go and panic about starting my new job tomorrow. Eep! Wish me luck!


  1. ah! i missed it!
    good luck for the new job tomorrow! what are you doing?+ congrats on the stall going well too!

  2. Wishing you a brilliant first day at work and congratulations on many sales!!

  3. Thanks, both of you :) My first day as a subtitler was great - definitely the best first day at a new job I've ever had! Unfortunately, I only found out as a removed the towel from my tangled mass of wet hair, that I must have left my hairbrush in France! Gasp! I managed to look reasonably presentable in the end, just. And, yes, that does give away the fact that I didn't brush my hair yesterday!


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