Monday, November 23, 2009

Crafters never have a dull moment

Now that this gift is safely with its intended recipient, I can share my recent foray into the world of cross stitching. My sister is an avid cross stitcher but I've never really been bitten by the bug and don't do it very often.

I made this as a combined thank you and get well present for Claire of Miso Funky. Anyone who is familiar with Claire's work (and if you're not then you should go and have a look now) will surely realise that she must be sick of the sight of cross stitching, since she spends every waking minute (well, apart from when she's holding down a full time job or getting her gall bladder popped out through her belly button) sewing cross stitch samplers for her demanding adoring public! I thought this would either be the perfect gift or the very thing to push her over the edge - she is very politely claiming it to be the former!

I actually pilfered this idea from a free postcard I picked up about ten years ago. I think the motto is very apt for anyone with a time consuming hobby, which embroidery (in all its guises) certainly is! The original postcard is framed and hanging on my wall of many wonders and it was quite exciting to finally get around to making a real life (i.e. stitched) version of it. When I'm not covered in hand cream, I will take it out of the frame to see whose brilliant idea it was originally.


  1. Hee hee, really, I love it! It fair cheered me up, you are so thoughtful :)

    It is going on my very own wall of wonders, it's turning into a Laura Donald fan wall, I have no fewer than 3 pieces of your work on there now!

  2. This is great! What a lovely gift.

  3. Claire, isn't your art wall in your bathroom? I'm not sure I want you to be so heftily reminded of me in there! :) Glad you like it though.

    Thanks, Kate! :)

  4. Hehe, it is for now! But don't worry, you are in good company ;)


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