Monday, November 30, 2009

The cat that got the... pipe?!

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I'm happy as the cat that got the cream, really, but this pipe smoking cat looks pretty happy too! Who knew a job could bring such joy? Today I have been subtitling... EastEnders! I'm doing Friday's episode (can't reveal anything for fear I am found out and banned from doing any more!) and seriously could not keep the grin off my face as the theme tune kicked in. It was very embarrassing and I got serious face ache from trying to look serious. Even sadder (happier!) than that, was that I was dropping more stock off at the Made in the Shade Maisonette after work, so I had a bag under my desk full of EastEnders goodies while I was working on it - hardcore EastEnders loving, people! I love my new job!

One of the items I delivered to the Maisonette today was a brand new EastEnders product that I've been working away on this weekend - Dot and Pat lavender hanger thingummies to keep your clothes fresh and moth free! I dropped a handful of them off with a very excited Carrie (which was nice) about an hour ago and they are on sale there now! I will share some pictures of them here (and list them in the shop/shops) just as soon as I have enough daylight to take a photo of them. I will have them with me at the markets I'm doing at the weekend but if you just can't wait until then (and you're in or around Glasgow) then hot foot it down to the Maisonette this week for an exclusive sneak preview!

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