Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Bad blogging, tut tut!

Film Noir Babe
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Just a flying visit with a random (excellent) picture from my flickr favourites. This is how I look in my imagination but I'm definitely not this enigmatic or glamorous in real life - not on the outside anyway! Ha!

I have been a very bad blogger lately, and must apologise, but it's only because I've been busy being so darned wonderful in every other area of my life! I have managed to combine holding down a new full time job with being a super-duper domestic goddess at the weekends and a social butterfly (well, caterpillar...) in the evenings.

I spent this weekend doing sensible shopping and house cleaning and frugal cooking. I made numerous batches of soup for the freezer as well as a delicious banana loaf to use up the brown bananas. I just ate a slice of it post-work and felt very smug about it. I really think I SHOULD look like this lady... Then everyone would know just by looking how on top of things I was. Hee!

One and a half weeks into my new job and I'm still loving it. Subtitling is much more interesting than I had expected and I am learning so much every day. I'm still subtitling old programmes for training/practice just now (a brilliant nature documentary about Japan yesterday, not so brilliant Homes Under The Hammer this morning, and Postman Pat this afternoon) but should be subtitling for real (under strict supervision!) within a week or two. Exciting! I am a bit brain tired by the time I get home at the end of the day but I've still managed to find the energy to go to the cinema multiple times and am generally being (a bit) sociable.

You see, I really am a multi-tasking mogul and a well rounded individual! I never had any sort of work-life balance when I was teaching so this is a great novelty to me. I haven't quite managed to slot much crafting (or blogging, obviously!) into the balance yet but I am going to work on that this weekend. I've got a couple of exciting markets/events coming up in a few weeks (more details soon) and lots of stock that needs replenished, plus a million and one ideas I'd love to get sorted pre-Christmas... So it will all be busy, busy! In the meantime, please forgive me if I'm not around quite as often as usual. I promise I'll be back soon!


  1. I love reading your blog entries! I like all the little bits about your life slotted in (work, cooking etc)

    I hope that doesn't sound odd? It's just fun to know what goes on behind the scenes of someone making eastenders embroideries and the like!

    glad the job is going well and looking forward to hearing about the upcoming events!

  2. Thanks, Claire :) Just for you - I am currently damp from the rain on the way home from work because I forgot my umbrella today. I'm half watching Neighbours, with a cat on my lap, wishing I hadn't agreed to make dinner (stir fry) tonight as I'm a bit tired from a late night Trivial Pursuit battle, which I won!

  3. haha! retrospectivly I now feel my comment may have had stalkervibes! none intended!
    I got wet in the rain today for similar reasons! boo! well done on the tp win tho!

  4. Aw, I was quite enjoying having you as a stalker ;) Right, off to dry my hair and have some muesli for breakfast... just in case you were interested!


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