Wednesday, November 25, 2009

how do you like your eggs in the morning?

Staying with the theme of cute painted wooden objects standing in a row, how do you like my new egg cups? My sister found them at a car boot sale and thought of me but also wanted to keep them. While she was deciding whether to be generous, she went to another car boot sale and found another five of them! Egg cups for everyone - problem solved! I think they are most adorable. I particularly like their blue eyelids - they would rival Pat Butcher in an eye shadow competition.

I had another good day at work today and am now subtitling for real. Woo hoo! My first subtitles will be on screen next week. Yay! It is actually surprisingly exciting, plus it is nice to be earning my keep rather than playing at subtitling. In other top but boring for you news, I made another two cushion covers tonight so we now have four matching cushions. Yahoo! We only just had enough material. And to think I nearly left one of the three pieces in the charity shop thinking I wouldn't need it...! Sheesh! I have really gone for it with the exclamations in this paragraph. Sorry. But isn't it great to have a job that affords you time to make cushion covers of an evening? :)


  1. I was just reading your posts....

  2. I think rules about make-up in the Armed Forces are more relaxed than they used to be...
    I can totally empathise with your sister's struggle over whether she should give them to you or keep them - thank goodness she found more! They're lovely little fellas.

  3. I love them they are so cute, come and visit me after christmas as my son is geting a present that would go so well with them and you'll love it!
    Slightly creeped out by annonymous' comment there.

  4. Glad everyone likes the little eggheads.

    Ha ha! Daisie - I think I know what your son's gift is because I am getting the same thing for my nephew, maybe... And don't worry about the anonymous comment - it was from my friend and came accompanied by a text message. She's not so creepy once you get to know her, honest! :)


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