Thursday, July 1, 2010

fun post! for me! for real!

I just got a surprise package in the post. Hooray! This lovely bag was inside. My friend, Bernadette, found it when she was charity shopping recently and very kindly sent it to me. I love it! Thanks, Bernie.
Here's a close up of the buttons for all you button lovers. The bag is a bit of a strange shape with a rather small opening, leading Bernie to speculate it could be a knitting bag. However, I have thin arms and small hands, so intend to use it as a handbag. I'll get a reputation as being the button lady, but there are worse reputations a girl could have!
Totally unrelated, here's a wee picture of Poppy snoozing in the sunshine that I snapped a couple of days ago. Aw. She's so cute, I even forgive her for puking on our clean bedsheets this morning.


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