Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Yes, the giveaway is closed and someone had to win in the end. Here's a little video from Teen Wolf, one of my favourite films, to help get the celebratory vibes going.
Wi-i-i-i-i-i-in in the end!

However, there is a little twist in the giveaway's tail... Since the only people who entered (not counting anonymous entries) were loyal readers whose addresses I already have*, the winner is going to be notified by post rather than announced on here. So, thanks for playing along, Lynsey, Claire and Emily, and keep an eye on your letterbox as one of you will be receiving a parcel shortly. Hooray! Who will it be...?

* Please email me if you have moved in the last few months!


  1. You won't be saying that if you are the winner! I haven't actually picked yet - I'm waiting for the cats to wake up for added impartiality. Now THAT'S teasing! ;)

  2. Oh Miss Donald! I find animals are very impartial judges, Donald always chooses fairly... And Teenwolf was just what I needed to hear this evening, that film is what Saturday nights were made for! And I totally used to want a dad like Scott's when I was a teenager! x

  3. One who knocks on the bathroom door to tell you he's a werewolf too? I love that bit!

  4. It was the calm way in which he coped with Scott shouting at him like a loon. Doesn't he just say 'Oh boy' to himself or similar? They don't make 'em like that any more!

  5. ooooh! you tease! how exciting! I'm gonna be watching my mailbox like a hawk! *fingers crossed*

  6. Yeah, and who knows when I'll get to the post office... I can give you one little clue though - the winner has left a comment on this post! ;)

    Emily, yes - he's definitely an oh-boy-er, I think. No wonder Scott came good in the end.


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