Thursday, June 10, 2010

snail mail turbo injection

the envelope project
I've decided to take part in Meet Me At Mike's envelope project. I'm very excited about putting together a little package to send to Australia :) One lucky entrant will win the contents of all the envelopes too. Click on the image for more details. Maybe you would like to join in too?

I'm very bleary eyed this morning after Handmade Nation. The film was so good and Faythe Levine had lots of interesting things to say afterwards. She was a very nice lady. I have been reassessing my crafty ideas while I slept, I think, because I have woken up with all sorts of decisions made. One of them is quite a big decision too. Scary but fun. I will explain what I mean at some other point, but for now I have to go to work. It's always so hard to go back after being on holiday but especially hard after driving through the night to get home from Dundee!

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