Monday, June 21, 2010

What we DID buy in the French charity shops

I'm usually a firm believer in leaving the best till last, but in this case I'm sharing my favourite find first. I so nearly missed this wonderful eskimo (it's still ok to say eskimo when it's a vintage item, right?) fabric/art/tea towel/thingumabob. I think I did actually say, "I love it more than life itself!" when I spotted it. Now that I have it home, I haven't found a place for it yet. But I will, oh yes, I will!
The colours are amazing and it really is too cute for words.
Here it is in its entirety... with a smallish cat for scale! (Not really - Poppy was just being nosey and wandered into shot.) It is made of tea towel type material, but is longer than a tea towel would be, so I think it is just intended as art and not kitchen-ware. It's actually two of the same image stitched together. I think I will separate them and frame one as the join is very noticeable. It's very tempting for me to frame both and hang one upstairs and one downstairs (yes, I love it that much!) but I think I will try to find a new home for the other half of it.
This one really is a tea towel, but also nice enough for framing and hanging, I reckon. I actually have quite a collection of nice vintage tea towels now. I'm trying to photograph the others to share here too, but am falling a bit behind. One day!
I found this little bird ornament just beside the horse's head in the last post. It reminds me of something, but I can't place what. It might just be a general Pigeon Street memory. I get a lot of those and they always make me very happy. I will probably buy anything that gives me a Pigeon Street feeling!
Sticking with the bird theme, there was this very colourful bird wall hanging made of wool. It's joined the pile of goodies waiting to be hung on the wall of many wonders.
This ball of wool was bought purely for the label... was this, though it happens to be a lovely colour too.
This little lady is actually an embroidery, also destined for the wall of many wonders.
Even Graham did not come back empty handed. He found a bundle of very good records. Here are a few of them.

We're actually just back from a whole day's charity shopping in Glasgow. It was kind of slim pickings (and I was really trying to be selective!) but some lovely things were found - five Tour De France videos (for £1) for Graham and some books for me. I finally found the latest Alexander McCall Smith book, only to find it's no longer the latest so I have another one to look for already! I also got some '70s craft books (anyone for macrame?) and a lovely old Judy annual and a great book about karate, which doesn't quite fit into the 'being selective' notion, but never mind. The only non-book item I got was a nice old photo album, which is still actually kind of a book, I suppose... Maybe I'll manage to take/share some photos of them one day, but I'll squeeze the mention of them in at the end of this post just in case! (You know you're never going to see those photos, right?)

In other news (or "and finally" if you prefer) did you know that tomorrow is my second blogaversary? Well, it is! I will be back with a special blogaversary post to share what I think is a very exciting piece of news, so be sure to come back for that. Of course, as with most exciting pieces of news, it will also be accompanied by a giveaway :)


  1. Oh My! what treats!!! such excellent finds

  2. Me, me , me! I'll rehome the eskimo famille!

  3. I love the woolly bird, I think it should have a bag made for it to adorn!
    Can't wait for the exciting news!!

  4. Wow, that was some very fast commenting! Thanks :)

    t-boo - if I can bring myself to half the eskimo famille, I will get in touch for sure! Perhaps you would like to swap? You know how I love your little merry-go-round charms ;)

    Daisie, don't get too excited - I fear you might find the news a bit sad... I'm worried I've built your hopes up!


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