Wednesday, June 9, 2010

handmade nation

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I'm off to see Handmade Nation on the Glasgow Craft Mafia minibus tonight. I'm very excited, though a little disorganised and scared about riding the bus all the way to Dundee with people I don't know. What if nobody wants to sit next to me? Will I have to sit next to the teacher? Oh lordy! :)

I've been away on holiday this week, not that you'd necessarily have noticed. I've been in France and Switzerland visiting my sister and co, seeing the sights and doing plenty of charity shopping. Swiss charity shops are so good that even oh-so-picky Graham came home with lots of stuff and felt a bit sad at what he had to leave behind. Of course, I will share all the details (and photos) very soon. For now though, I must deliver long overdue stock to the Made In The Shade Maisonette and have something to eat before heading for the bus!

p.s. Did you ever write to Jim'll Fix It? If so, see the comments on the post below and do please share your requests, whether they were fixed or not.

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