Tuesday, June 1, 2010

the cherry on the scarborough cake (aka the final scarborough blog post)

Just when I thought my 30th birthday couldn't get any better, who should we see but Sir Jimmy Saville himself!
How's about that then, boys and girls?

He totally made my birthday, so I guess I forgive him for the fact he never fixed it for me :)


  1. That truly is the cherry on the cake! Amazing!

  2. Oh my! I use Jim'll Fix it as a lesson on persuaive writing at GCSE. This year one of my kids wrote, 'Dear Jim, please can you fix it for me to have a bath with Cheryl Cole? If you do, I'll let you share it.' Brilliant! x

  3. Wow, yes agreed, definitely the cherry on the cake! I used to write into his programme literally every month, I never forgave him for not fixing it for me... (!) tee hee...

  4. I have a horible mental image of a bathtub containing Sir Jim, Cheryl Cole and a teenage boy. Shudder!

    Wouldn't it be interesting to find out what everyone asked Jim to fix? Did you ask for the same thing every month, Charlie? I wrote with my sister asking Jim to publish my dad's stories that he told us. I also wrote with my friend asking to live with Native American Indians. I guess that fix would really have blown the series budget!

    Anybody else willing to share their letters to Jim?

  5. I wrote in a few times, usually to ask to go horse riding with Stu Francis off of Crackerjack. Not so much as a postcard in reply!
    Someone I used to share a flat with's schoolfriend got on though - they had a poodle and they got to go and be taught how to foof it up into a proper poodle topiary type thing. BAH.

  6. They obviously liked the cheap requests! Someone from my home town got on and he asked to ride in a JCB tractor. I reckon he could have just asked one of the nearby farmers himself (that's all Jim did after all) and let somebody else have something more exciting fixed in his place. They should bring Jim'll Fix It back (and let grown ups on).


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