Monday, June 28, 2010

tie a knot in your handkerchief

Remember to look out for my Dot and Pat embroideries in tonight's Mary Queen Of Shops! It's on BBC2 at 9pm and is apparently another great episode (with or without my stitching). Sadly, I will be at work when it's on, which means you are my eyes! I think, at best, it will be a fleeting background moment (somewhere near the end of the show) so you may have to test your observation skills if you want to spot them... You should also be able to see some of Miso Funky's excellent cross-stitching skills on display, so keep your eyes peeled :)

And remember to enter the giveaway. I've extended the deadline to midnight on Tuesday, so you still have a day and a bit to leave your comment and be in with a chance of winning all four EastEnders notecards (that's Pat, Frank, Dot and Ethel). So far, the entrants have a cracking one in three chance of victory, leaving the field wide open for latecomers. Also closing at midnight on Tuesday is a giveaway of two of my EastEnders lavender hangers over at Miso Funky. You can (and should!) enter both, so no excuses for tardiness! Win, win, win!


  1. yay for iplayer! I will totally be watching this and looking out!

  2. Well, look carefully... Word on the street is that they are so hard to spot, they may not be there at all! So far, we have just one seriously unconfirmed sighting. Ha! I'm going to watch it later with matchsticks between my eyelids and my finger hovering over pause :)

  3. Really? Hooray! I still haven't managed to watch, but can't wait now. Two viewers can't be wrong, surely? Thanks for letting me know! :)

  4. Yay - I saw them too! They were pretty obvious really... So obvious, in fact, that there's certainly no need for me to tell you all to look at the green hanging bars/shelves exactly 53 minutes into the show on iplayer ;)


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