Friday, June 25, 2010

how appropriate!

polish matchbox label
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My new crafty direction is not appearing (not that I want it to appear in the space of a week or two - I am hoping to enjoy the process of finding it) and I am still doubting my EastEnders decision, though knowing deep down it is a good one. Today somebody asked me what I made and I found I had nothing concrete to give as an answer, which was a bit scary. Who am I? I've lost my identity, man! Am I even allowed to say how excited I was about Stacey giving birth last night or does that cross the line? (Sorry, but I do just have to say how miraculous it was the the baby really did look like Bradley, even though it's not his baby in the show let alone in real life - as far as we know...) Anyway, after all that doubting, I randomly came across this quote from Andre Gide: "Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore." Vindicated or what, people?! Ha ha! Not only did it seem very appropriate, it also gave me the perfect opportunity to do a sneaky, cheaty blog post from flickr using yet another matchbox label. Isn't it nice, though?

Other highlights of the day...

*Getting to subtitle an episode of Horrible Histories (it's so good!) and write the following - HE BREAKS WIND TUNEFULLY

*Seeing the end of the very exciting football match between Italy and Slovakia - knowing nothing about football, I just like goals and bad tackles/amateur dramatics, so this was a good few minutes for me!

*The feeling of the dishes being done (though not the act of doing them)

*Messing about with scissors and paper in the craft room, filling a jar with paper triangles - yes, I have a plan...

*Seeing (and hearing!) my cat and the neighbour's cat fighting even though they were separated by a window - comedy genius.

*Finding out that you can (if you look closely) see some of my Albert Square stitches on Monday's episode of Mary Queen Of Shops - I can't wait to see it :)

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