Saturday, June 26, 2010

adjust your set

I woke up this morning with an idea in my head and headed straight to the craft room, where the idea became a reality! Can you tell what it is? Yes, it's the famous test card girl. The clue was in the title, really!
She is mega tiny (as you can see from this photo) and was a faff and a half to make, I don't mind telling you, but making her has made me very happy :)

I've also been making some other things last night/this morning, though none of them are at the photographable stage yet. My craft table is looking insane, with piles of paper and fabric and glue and pens and scissors and bottle tops and sequins and sewing machines (well, sewing machine - singular!) and buttons... My brain is overloading and I keep zooming from one idea to the next without bothering to clear up in between. So far, this approach is working well for me, but I do wonder if there is a tipping point... This is so much fun, though! Whoopee!

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