Thursday, June 17, 2010

return to sender/oz

I sent off my envelope for Meet Me At Mike's envelope project the other day. I was very pleased with it at the time, but looking at these pictures, I have gone right off it! Blah. It's very summery, which does not match my mood at all. Could you tell? ;) I forced myself to keep it simple, but now I think it looks like I didn't try very hard. I really did though. Honest, guv'nor!
Here's what I put inside - a bit of a nice paper bag (Glaswegians will recognise it as belonging to Sentry Box Toys), one of my tree embroideries, one of my recipe cards, one of my button cards, one of my handmade vintage fabric hankies, an Anthony Zinonos collage kit, paper bunting and paper buttons, a paper coaster and the obligatory fortune teller fish. I tried to keep it small and light (partly to follow instructions and partly because I thought it would be very expensive to post to Australia, but it was actually very cheap indeed) but now that I have seen what other people have been putting in their envelopes, I feel really bad. The growing stash looks amazing, though poor Pip will have to remortgage her shop to post it all to the winner, I think... I wasn't entering with the thought of winning (and certainly don't deserve to) but now I really want to! It's not too late for you to enter too. You can get all the details and see the envelopes that have arrived already here.

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