Thursday, September 9, 2010

family circle, more than just biscuits

The Family Circle Book Of Crafts
Edited by June Weatherall
Designed by Micheal Leaman
Published by Book Club Associates, 1980
(I'm not sure why they thought it would be a good idea to feature the pasta jewellery on the back cover...)

This book of favourite craft projects from Family Circle magazine is so good I accidentally bought it twice! I recently spent a small fortune sending my second copy to my sister in France, but I think she will enjoy it. This book really does have some good projects in it, but my favourite thing about it has got to be the scenarios and photography. The lady above's lifestyle is like an Escher picture to me in its impossibility. I love it.
All self-respecting housewives will provide a hammock for the vicar's visit, you know. I think this picture is the reason I bought the book twice. It makes me laugh so much. This is the photo used to illustrate the handmade hammock pattern and no comment is made about the fact that a minister is supping his tea in it.
I seriously love this fish mat. It's like a giant version of paper collage fish I used to make when I worked as a craft lady at after-school clubs. I must have spent months of my life cutting out circles to make fish scales. I get the feeling they made the lady's bikini specially out of the same fabric as the fish. She's certainly very coordinated.
This book has a brilliant section of things to make for children. These double-sided elephant/house cushions are a particular favourite of mine.
Again, orange featuring pretty heavily! Coincidentally, I was reading a book on the way to work last night and it was talking about the colours of childhood kitchens - cinnamon, sunflower and avocado. I liked that little description (and I had nothing else to say).
A lovely little embroidered doll's house. Can you see the lady leaning out of her window to water the plants? That'd be the life.
I want this wendy house for myself. That little girl has her brother well trained to fetch her cups of tea while she gets on with her knitting. Who'd have thought you could get your wendy house wired for electricity?! Or maybe they just boiled water over an open fire in there... I joke, of course. I've had plenty of imaginary tea in my life, don't you know.
I saved this project for last because I know some monkey fans read this blog now and again. Behold the monkey storage hanger! Go on, you know you want to make one.


  1. Oh.My.GOD! I love the look of this book!! It looks really 70's. I have a similar one myself but I may have to look out for a copy of this one!

  2. Now feeling somewhat inferior, I have neither a hammock or a vicar and would rather like one of each!! Smirk! xxx

  3. What a brilliant book! I love the pasta jewellrey ;-)

  4. My wishes for you three ladies - a copy of this book, a hammock and vicar, and a lovely painted-pasta necklace. Ting! You should all find them under your pillow in the morning. Well, maybe...

    ps "A hammock and vicar" sounds like a worrying euphemism, but maybe I'm just thinking about banana hammocks too much. Tee hee!

  5. You've just sent me straight to Abe and teetering on the edge of spending my holiday money on a vicar in a hammock!

    Those cushions - which cushions? ALL OF THOSE CUSHIONS!! And I want a porch like that complete with cat, chicken and butterchurn, yehaw!

    Can you make that happen too Laura?

  6. Ellen, I will do my best...but that is a heck of a lot of wishes ;)


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