Tuesday, September 21, 2010

what counts as a day out

It's amazing what counts as a day out when you have worked 14.5 out of the last 16 days. I am off tomorrow and actually cannot wait. Yesterday Graham and I squeezed in a pre-work trip to Fireside (Glasgow's number one fireplace company!) to buy a replacement part for our gas fire, which I have never seen on. We hoped to get it up and running last winter, but it failed its safety test and I was feeling too poor to buy the new bit it needed.
This winter, however, we shall have flames! Well, once the gas man has been out to fit it. As well as being cosy to the point of passing out, the fireplace shop was so old school (check out the artex on the stairs!) as was the nice man who sold us the fire and mocked me for having measured our fireplace in centimetres rather than inches. I can't wait to be snuggled up in front of the fire on a cold night and I think the cats will love it. They've been missing their sunbathing these past few weeks. I've gone into crazy winter-induced nesting fever lately and we've made lots of plans to cosy up the flat and make it the perfect place to be holed up in all winter long. I'm actually really excited about it, hence this photo of Graham carrying our fire part home like it's our baby coming home from hospital! We're going shelf shopping on Thursday and I can't wait to start putting things on the shelves and feeling homely and organised. Yay!
The fireplace shop is near the famous and lovely angel building. It seemed as if summer gave its final squeeze just as we got our fire, as you can see from the blue skies. I snapped a few photos on the way back to the underground. I was obviously very excited to be seeing something other than my office or the inside of my eyelids!
I liked this owly pub watch sign. This pub was getting done up, so I imagine this sign will be gone soon. There's the angel building again in the reflection.
A very old and rather unusual street sign.
I snapped this on the underground on the way home. A few years ago I saw a piece of vandalism that appealed to my rather unsophisticated sense of humour. I never saw that vandalism again (maybe it was removed - there can't be that many trains on the Glasgow underground!) so I have recreated it for you here by the wonder of Photoshop.
Tee hee!


  1. I've been (trying) to get my place all cosy for winter too, I can't wait for it to get all cold and dark. I;d love to have a real fire, but I have to settle for my electric faux-vintage number. This post makes me feel a bit better about being so excited about cosy winter nights.

    P.S I've started my Christmas shopping too but don't tell anyone ;) I am just too excited to wait!

  2. I can confirm that the grafitted subway emergency glass still is in circulation! I saw it last week. I think I have a photo of it on my old phone :)

  3. The gas man cometh tomorrow morning. Let cosiness commence!

    I'm going to have to devise a system of underground riding that will allow me to inspect all carriages...


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