Monday, September 6, 2010


The David Shrigley exhibition at Kelvingrove is very fun. I also visited the Glasgow Boys' exhibition, which was good in a totally different way. They're both on until later this month, I think.
The lights and organ at Kelvingrove, where the building is as good to see as the exhibits.
This pink horse (also seen at Kelvingrove) is about 200 years old, but I can imagine finding it on etsy today.
I finally got to experience cake (and beautiful '50s decor) from Auntie M's Cake Lounge, when I took my mum and dad there this weekend. Here's my mum peeking out from behind my crazily delicious coconut sponge.
I had lots of other great food (and way too much to drink) with my mum and dad this weekend. This pink lemonade went down very well alongside a delicious goat's cheese salad from Kember & Jones. Yesterday, I had curry for breakfast (Yes, CURRY for BREAKFAST! So yummy!) at The Two Figs, but was too busy scoffing it to take a photo.
Here's a real vintage-style snack - a Wham bar (available in all good Glasgow corner shops!) in front of a beautiful old scooter. I know I look pregnant here, but I'm not. All this food has its downside, I guess... Ha!
The oldest newspaper boards ever, outside a corner shop near my work.
I love the look of this bakers. I also love the taste of its empire biscuits. Graham often buys me one when he's out cycling.
Old signs are everywhere. I love this one...
..which is on this lovely old-fashioned shop.

This has got to be the best name ever for a joinery business and this van always makes me smile.
Another van that's making me smile is this flat-pack miniature ice-cream van.
It's made by Finch & Fouracre and I got it in The Made In The Shade Maisonette. How cute?! I think I might have to buy myself a tenement kit to park it in front of.
Of course, you already know charity shopping is another Glasgow highlight for me.
This record made me laugh, though I did not buy it. Free entertainment!

So you can see I have been very busy (as well as working long hours last week and cleaning like a clean-freak so that my mother wouldn't be too ashamed of me). I was going to break this into four detailed blog posts, but thought the whistle-stop tour might be more fun for you and, er, less typing for me.

Visit (or move to) Glasgow. It's ace!

p.s. I am not being paid by the Glasgow tourist board... if such a thing even exists!


  1. I haven't been to Glasgow in years but hubby was based there on a project for a while and I enjoyed looking round all the shops. I LOVE your dress in the photo of you. Where is it from?? If you don't mind telling me that is?

  2. Ha, your blog posts are always so informative! I didn't know about the David Shrigley exhibtion but I will try and get along and see it now I do! I also eye up those advertising boards outside the newsagent near work - the Strike Cola one gets me every time!

  3. I love that it seems that you love Glasgow as much as I love Glasgow (thats a lot of love, right?). And you hit all my favourite haunts, and I too am seriously coveting the DIY tenement.

    Ah Glasgow, how I love you! Thanks for making me feel nostalgic about my own city :)


  4. Glad to be of service to you all!

    Lynsey, the dress is from Tesco, but I got it from a charity shop a few months back, so don't know how long ago they stocked it. I bought this dress without even trying it on and now only have it off my back when it's in the washing machine. I like to think of it as a subdued Bianca/Pat look!

  5. Ha, ha! You'll never believe this Laura but I've taken almost exact copies of three of the photos you've got there!! I took a bunch of photos of the same tailors earlier this year and I've a photo of the same tea cup in Aunty M's - my cake was pistachio and vanilla - but don't worry - your Mum wasn't there!

    What would you call this? Snappy snaps?!

  6. Ha-ha! I'm glad you clarified that my mum wasn't there. She was telling me this weekend that someone at her work hadn't even known she had a daughter in Glasgow because she spends most of her holidays with my grandchild-producing sister in France. I'd be pretty miffed to find out she'd been hanging out with you more than me, too!


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