Saturday, September 11, 2010

show stealer

I know this week's EastEnders was supposed to be all about Barbara Windsor, but for me, June Brown definitely stole the show with about a year's worth of classic Dot moments squeezed into one week. This scene (apologies for the blurry image) from Ryan and Janine's wedding reception, where Dot had swapped her tomato juice for a sherry or too and was tipsily dancing with a menthol cigarette in each hand, was one of my favourites. "Ooh, Billy, I'm in a world of me own." My other favourite moment was when she was telling off a naked Ryan, out on his stag do. And, of course, her heartbroken reaction to Stacey's revelation that Bradley is not baby Lily's father :( June Brown, you are the best! I think I might need to send a spot of fan mail. Tee hee!

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