Wednesday, September 15, 2010

toothy pegs

I got home from work to find the cutest message on our answering machine from my niece, Kim. She had phoned to tell me that her tooth fell out today! She has very good timing to lose her first tooth the day after I spotted these lucky teeth while browsing blogs. I have just bought one to send to her. I think there is still one lonesome lucky toof left if you want to nab one, but you will have to be quick. You can find it here, where I stole the picture from.

p.s. Our shower is broken and I feel stinky plus I am having to kirby grip my greasy fringe back. It is not good, but I can't bring myself to brave the liquid icicles first thing in the suddenly wintery mornings. Graham is in trying to have a post-work shower right now and there is so much swearing and growling emanating from the bathroom that I am actually having palpitations! Thank goodness I have Don Draper and a glass of wine to wind down with :)


  1. I suspect some people may find them a bit creepy, but I have teeth heebie-jeebies these days and I think they are (well, nearly) the cutest thing ever. I hope my niece likes it!

  2. I love their wee anthropomorphic wee faces! I'm a bit weird about teeth (eek!) but I don't mind if they have wee faces. Everything looks cuter with a face!


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