Sunday, September 12, 2010

living vicariously

Originally uploaded by Sarah Walton

Today I would really like to blog properly (I have scanned pictures from another craft book and want to share a really special find I made in second-hand shop yesterday) but I am just in from working overtime and am too pooped to even switch my computer on. They really did work me very hard today, but my work pays really well for overtime, so I don't mind too much. I am sort of wishing for a wee day off, though... Yawn!

The other thing (other than blogging properly, I mean) that I would like to do is some embroidery (I have lots of ideas right now!) but my hands, which were mended really nicely, are having a relapse despite strictly no sewing. Boo!

So I will live vicariously through other people's fabulous sewing skills and then use pictures of said skills to create a fake mini blog post. This picture is by Sarah Walton who has loads more beautiful work on her flickr, most definitely worth a visit.

ps Just to make this kind of like a real blog post, here are some facts of life. Have you noticed any missing Gs on my blog lately? If so, I apologise! My computer's G key is not cooperating these days. Tonight I'm typing this on Graham's computer and thought it would be real luxury to have 26 fully functional letters, but his A key seems to be on strike and has to be beaten before it will work. Harumph! Last night I went round to my friend Bernie's house for fondue. We hadn't had fondue for ages and I wanted to blog about it this week, but forgot to take a single photo, so I'm just squeezing it in here as a wee aside. I'll have to have fondue again soon (though we were both experiencing cheese-ball symptoms this morning!) so I can try to think of something interesting to say about it... Hmmm, not likely!

Now I sort of have done a proper blog post (yay!) but Graham wants his computer back, with or without a responsive A key.

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