Tuesday, December 7, 2010

bunny hops

Knitting and pom-pom-ing together in one project. This is a Christmas present for my youngest niece Ruth, but I think I am safe enough to post it as she doesn't know how to read or how to use the internet yet.
Ta-da! Bunny ears! I think she is going to look so cute in this, certainly much cuter than this scary-faced jar that I created to model. I was worried that this hat would end up too small for her, but if anything I think it could be too big. It fits on my very large head (just) and Ruth is not even two yet. Better too big than too small though.
And here is the pom pom tail in all its glory on the back of the hat. This hat was really easy to make. It probably took me the best part of two days, but I am slower knitter than most and I'm still a relative newbie on the old circular and double pointed needles. I've been really enjoying knitting with four needles (so much easier than it looks) so I think I might look out for some patterns and make something for myself, maybe a pair of mittens.

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