Monday, December 6, 2010

I'm not on the pan

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This week has revolved around toilets, mainly around the fact that we haven't had one. Our bathroom got ripped out on Monday and we were supposed to have a new bathroom finished completely by Friday. It still isn't finished (thanks to snow and flooding and various minor nightmares...) but we are definitely on the home straight now. There has been a man hard at work putting up tiles all day and we are both loving the tiles we I chose, definitely worth the searching for. It's great to see proper progress at last, but the tiling man has been in the bathroom all day and I'm too embarrassed to ask to use the non-facilities. The situation is getting a touch desperate... as am I! I've been knitting and Gocco-ing (the right way round this time) all day to distract myself, but the hat I was knitting is finished and I am waiting for the ink to dry before printing the second screen of my cards. Oooh, I really need to do the toilet! The other day I actually went to John Lewis to use their facilities, dancing about on the underground all the way. I did buy some wool while I was there (hence the hat) so they didn't suspect a thing. I've been getting forced to do overtime this week, which has actually been quite handy because as well as plumbed in toilets that flush (oh, the luxury!) my office building has a shower in it for some reason. The more days I work, the more often I am able to wash and the less likely I am to explode from holding things in. This plan of blogging to distract myself from needing the toilet has not gone so well really as all I have blogged about is how much I need the toilet. Sorry about that. I'm off work again tomorrow, so will try to find a moment's daylight to photograph some of the crafting I have been doing. I promise not to rant about my bodily functions again, though I might have to share the moment our toilet gets plumbed in.

p.s. I have been making oodles of pom poms during my lunch breaks this week. I think I have converted a few of my workmates into pom pom fanatics in the process and I have found the ultimate pom pom wool from my random wool stash. It makes the cutest, fluffiest pom poms ever! Super-fluff pom poms will definitely be guest starring in ra-ra-fiti kits from now on :)


  1. I do feel your pain although we did the bathroom ourselves so there was only either my husband or children around to see me use the porta potty (from the in-law's caravan) on the landing! x

  2. I bet your in-laws never thought they'd be lending out their porta potty when they got their caravan! We now have a toilet complete with flush and seat as well as a bathroom door. Feeling very luxurious, even though the house is still a dusty building site. It feels so posh to pee in private :)


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