Saturday, November 27, 2010

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It's been snowing on me pom poms! Don't they look cute with their little icy hats on? I'm pleased to see how well they're faring in wind, rain, sunshine and snow. Hooray for pom poms! I've become quite addicted to ra-ra-fiti and actually had a twinge of panic when I found myself out and about without a wee pom pom in my handbag. I also found myself experiencing a wonderfully rebellious thrill one night as I fondled my pom pom and pondered my next ra-ra-fiti attack... while walking behind two policemen! Waaa! I told you ra-ra-fiti was street! I've sold two ra-ra-fiti kits this week, so hopefully more pom poms will start appearing. Keep your eyes peeled, maybe they'll be appearing in a town near you...

In other news... Well, do you want the good news or the bad news? We'll start with the good, I think. I finally managed to draw a tent! Woo hoo! I think I actually drew a really good tent, pretty much everything I hoped my tent drawing would be. Anyway, here comes the bad news. I just made my first major Gocco mistake (I knew my Gocco luck couldn't last forever) and printed the first layer of my tent backwards because for some reason I flipped the image before I photocopied it. Looking back, there were so many clues to tell me I was about to go wrong, but I stumbled blindly into the trap. I only printed 13 cards before I realised my mistake, but this means I have (gasp!) wasted a screen and bulbs. It's taking all my restraint not to go and self-flagellate. I feel terrible. When Gocco supplies finally run out, I will know that another print could have been created if I hadn't been such a moron today. I feel bad enough using up screens when they do go right, I always think there must be someone more worthy out there who could create something much more lovely/wonderful/worthwhile than I could. I think this print could be doomed anyway. I'm not even sure I have enough brown ink for the second screen. (Marc, are you receiving me? I need brown ink! No? Oh well, I will email you.) I'm working to quite a tight schedule and tonight's idiocy has truly scuppered my plans. My printer has died, we're getting our bathroom ripped out on Monday, my dad is staying for the week and I am working late shifts. None of this is very conducive to Gocco-ing, I fear. And did I mention I need brown ink?!

And finally... I have cricked my neck from coughing so much :( On the upside, I think I will have a six-pack to rival the wee one from JLS if my cough does not go away soon!

p.s. It is approaching midnight on a Saturday night and I am about to go and clean a bathroom that will be getting demolished in 36 hours. Is this really what my life has become?!

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