Tuesday, November 16, 2010

karate... chop!

A little while ago Emily shared her accidental clothes collections on her blog. I have an accidental collection of karate books. I don't do karate. Welcome to my world, tra-la-la! "Collections" like these are the reason my brain and house are such a muddle.
Still, when I look inside the karate books, I remember why I bought them all (and, to be fair, Graham is co-owner of the one shown above). Doesn't karate man look like he's doing a dance? "Arms back, leg up, arms back, leg up...." I want to bump into him at the local discotheque.
Grumpy karate men from book two. The pages of this book are not really this yellow, I just had to take the photo directly under a lamp due to severe lack of light in my flat.
Oh no! Kick to the groin!
This was my first karate book. It uses photos rather than diagrams. Check out this sequence!


  1. Genius! Makes my ten pairs of brown shoes seem practically sane ;-) x

  2. Ha ha! Thanks, I think :) Having a bit of a tidy up today and finding lots of other so-called collections. I think I may have a problem...


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