Saturday, November 13, 2010

american tan

I am typing this from work so, as you can see, my wish did not come true and I got the call on my supposed day off. I'm stuck here all day and all night. Boo. Not only am I missing the X Factor (nooooo!) and tent drawing/pom-pom making/some other great Saturday night "entertainment" (nooooo!) I am also missing American Tan - see above. If you're in Glasgow and fancy a boogie tonight, you should definitely go along. I live with one of the djs and have been boogie-ing around the house all month as he made up his playlists. He has some good tunes with him, I promise! Go on, live for me! I may be stuck in this harshly lit office pretending I know Gaelic and cursing Noel bleedin' Edmonds (my constant companion) but you can be free and you can dance! Dance, young (and old) ones, dance like the wind!
ps Don't ruin your night out feeling bad for me either - I am off tomorrow and they can't get me then. Hooray!
pps I also just found out I'm getting the day off on Christmas Day! Hoorah!


  1. O (day) no! That poster is awesome! Curse you, Edmonds!

    You can tell you've become a real subtitler, as you sound thrilled about having Christmas day off when 99.9% off people reading this will have taken it for granted. Fingers crossed for my own festive release!

  2. Oh, yeah. I'm forgetting your name is on the live subtitlers list, so I didn't see if you were off or not. Fingers crossed indeed!

    I ended up having to stay beyond my 10 hours last night (most of which was spent researching Formula Ford drivers' names - aaargh!) to subtitle emergency Neil Diamond. Ah, those "emergencies" do make me laugh at times... :)


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