Saturday, November 6, 2010

pretty (and tasty) flamingo

My trip to the Supermercado was fun, fun, fun. I had a good old nosey (it's looking good!) and people kept giving me freebies - soap, coffee, teeny tiny cakes... I bought a couple of wee things for niece/nephew Christmas packages and got a couple of cupcakes for Graham and I from Flamingo Bakery. I had been hearing good things about Flamingo Bakery and their stall at Supermercado and it turned out they were all true. Not only did they let me taste miniature versions of the cupcakes to help me make my decision, but they gave me all sorts of fun goodies along with my purchase - a sweet bag of sprinkles to decorate my own cupcakes, a Flamingo Bakery badge and pen, a pretty pink balloon, all sorts of sweets and a cut out and build cardboard cupcake man for my desk. They also provided this photo (not that they know it) as I was too embarrassed to take photos, as predicted. I got Graham a strawberry cheesecake cupcake and got myself coffee and walnut. Oh my goodness! They were both so insanely good. Graham is not one for excessive compliments, but he actually said (unprompted) that his was the best cupcake he had ever had. Yes, best cupcake ever! I think Flamingo Bakery have a stall at the Supermercado pretty much every week and it is worth a visit for them alone, although you will certainly see other lovely things while you're there too.

Just to continue the Saturday greatness, I have a fun evening planned for myself. I'm home alone (well, with the cats) as Graham has gone back to work. I am going to spend the evening eating takeaway pizza, drinking red wine, watching the X Factor and making pom poms by the bucketload. Hooray! It might not be everybody's idea of a perfect Saturday night, but it is just right for me :)


  1. that sounds like a pretty good saturday night to me too! Those cakes look+sound amazing!

  2. The night did turn out pretty good for me (wine pizza, X Factor and pom-pomming all very much enjoyed) although it did lead to a pom pom induced midlife crisis this morning. I suddenly realised I was in my 30s and was spending Saturday nights alone making 80 pom poms at a time... Gah! ("Gah" is a suddenly overused expression for me - very telling!)

  3. Hey there, thanks for the great review! :D

    Glad you liked the cakes and your goody bag treats. If you've made the desktop cupcake or used the 'decorate your own cupcake' why not send us a photo or post it on our facebook page?

    Hope to see you again soon. As you say we are at the Supermercado every Saturday and this weekend & next we'll also be at Sloans Market on Sunday. :)

  4. That's my pleasure - the deliciousness of the cakes obviously put me in a generous mood :) Will definitely be visiting again some weekend soon.


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