Sunday, November 21, 2010

Ra-ra-fiti? It's street, innit!

Hey, peeps! Have you heard the word on the street? Ra-ra-fiti is the latest underground not-quite-criminal activity taking the urban landscape by storm. See above for proof! "What is ra-ra-fiti?" I hear you ask. The answer, hepcats, is simple - it's just like graffiti, only with more pom poms. You dig?
Don't get left behind like some kind of sad old loser. Want to be part of the zeitgeist, but don't know where to start? Lucky for you, someone (a-hem!) has created... POM POM BOMB, the world's first (and probably last) d.i.y. ra-ra-fiti kit, to get you started. Each pom pom bomb kit contains five long-tailed pom poms (a mixture of plain and fancy) ready to attach wherever you think they are most needed. The packet's ringleader wears a felt bandit's mask in order to protect his identity. He is probably the UK's most wanted wool-based criminal, after all.
Here is an artist's impression of that notorious street pom pom, the ra-ra-fiti gang's leader. Clearly from the wrong side of the tracks, huh? Don't mess with the best, because the best don't mess. Et cetera.

Still confused? Still not down with the kids? See the complex instructions above for the exclusive insider's info on the hottest new craze since the hula hoop...

Yes, attach pom poms to make things better!

Ready to get in with the in-crowd? You can buy your own ra-ra-fitti kit here!
Be cool. Peace. Out.


  1. O.M.G!!!! These are fab and I love the little illustrations - eeeek! So much so I have just written a Cuteable post about ra-ra-fiti (with links to your shop, naturally!) which will go up tomorrow morning :) Hope you don't mind?

  2. wow. there is no part of this that isn't amazing. well done :)

  3. I think you are the first two to greet this brainchild of mine with anything more than a concerned/puzzled expression... Thanks for the enthusiasm! I feel vindicated ;)

    ps Of course a Cuteable post is OK, Lynsey - I'd be honoured!

  4. Thanks, and I'm glad to hear the street speak is catching on! Nuff said indeed :)


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