Sunday, November 14, 2010

baby favourites

Our friends, Kristy and Alex, are expecting a baby today. Today!
That's not to say he/she will arrive today, but it's still a good excuse to share this hilariously cute (cutely hilarious) book of baby patterns I found in a charity shop last week.
Kristy's lucky I had my baby knitting done before I found this!
I don't think I could have resisted frilling to the max.
That red outfit is my absolute favourite. It looks like something I might have been put in when I was little. If I ever decide to have a baby, I will definitely knit this for them. I don't know if I'd risk making it for someone else, it's probably an acquired taste...
Check out the wallpaper. That's a very cute baby too.
Here's some more fancy wallpaper for you, if you can see it past all the frills and tassles, that is!
Even without real babies in, the pictures are super cute.
Look at the enormous bottom on this one. Aw!

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