Saturday, November 6, 2010

super(mercado) saturday

The Barras: Supermercado & MITS HQ Grand Opening
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Bet you thought I might actually do some blogging in my week off. Ha! You fools! Only kidding - I thought I'd be blogging too. Best laid plans etc... I am having a good week and I am being productive, just not exactly in the ways I'd planned. My to-do list for the week is sadly lacking ticks and I've done so many things that aren't on it. Just by coincidence, it turned out that Graham had a lot of days off this week too, so we've been doing stuff together, like going to the supermarket and making soup (and wishing we had a bigger freezer) and charity shopping and choosing our new bathroom... Yes, by December 5th we will have a working shower/bath and will be able to feel clean for the first time in over 3 months! Hooray!

Today Graham is at work so I am master of my own time and I'm planning to head along to the grand opening of Supermercado at the Barras, the newest venture from the Made In The Shade ladies. It's been up and running for just over a month, but this is the first chance I've had to go, so it's lucky it's the official grand opening today. It sounds like they have lots of fun stuff happening. I'm also hoping to buy a couple of Christmas presents. I am so organised this year that I've made it my mission to have all presents bought/made by the end of November! How I will laugh at the rest of the world in December as they all rush about and panic while I sip my gin/rum/whisky/tia maria/wine/booze in general and watch Scrooged and It's A Wonderful Life in front of the fire. Mwahahahaha! Goodness, I really have a touch of the evil about me today.

Talking of Made In The Shade/Christmas, I was supposed to have a stall at their Festive Shindig in Edinburgh at the end of the month. It was going to be my only Christmas market outing, but we found out on Monday that the event has been cancelled because the venue (the Roxy) has gone bust and closed down. This is bad news for me as I now have no Christmas markets lined up at all and it is very bad news for the poor Made In The Shade girls who had already paid for press and marketing materials. It's doubly rubbish since the same thing happened with the Lighthouse for last year's Christmas Made In The Shade extravaganza. I'm at a bit of a loss as I was halfway through making oodles of wintery goodies and now have no place to sell them. Boo! I guess I'll just have to update my shop (long overdue anyway) and see what happens. Or do a couple of Saturdays at Supermercado maybe? Either way, I predict being left with a lot of pom poms on my hands... Ah, how could that be a bad thing really? :)

Anyway, I'd better get going if I want to beat the crowds at the Barras. If I can overcome my embarrassment, I'll try to take some photos and blog about it later for those of you not lucky enough to be in Glasgow today. If you are in Glasgow, you can go and see for yourself.


  1. I still haven't been down there yet but I'm dying to go. I was reading on the Craft Mafia blog about what happened with The Roxy and that really is a shame but updating your online shop sounds like a good way to go, and I love pom poms!

    I can't wait to hear what you think of the Supermercado, also since you are into knitting, check out the Yarn Cake next time you are in the West End (quen margeret dr) if you havent already. Hot drinks, cake and oodles of yarn. Perfect, no? :)

  2. I'm not sure I'd describe myself as being into knitting(!) but I certainly will check it out. I went to Queen Margaret Drive quite recently to visit K1 Yarns and was disappointed to see it had closed down. Glad to know another local knitting shop has opened up nearby :)

    Supermercado was fun (despite the shockingly minging weather) and my tummy is nice and full from possibly the best cupcake I have ever had. I got it from Flamingo Bakery, who I'd been hearing a lot of good things about. Turns out they were all true!

    ps Went past the Irn Bru engraving shop again the other day. It's called Scot's. I had meant to let you know.


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