Friday, December 31, 2010

fare thee well 2010

Hello, hello and I hope you had a very good Christmas. We had a lovely few days visiting my parents in Elgin, where the snow is white and fluffy rather than brown and hard like Glasgow snow. Santa obviously realised I had been especially good in 2010 (maybe he reads my blog?) and brought me a stocking for the first time in years! So very exciting :) It was full of goodies for our now functioning (though not quite finished) bathroom, like these flashing ducks. Yes, that is a naked picture of me in the bath on the internet. Tee hee! I have a little story about one of my non-bath presents, but I think I will save that for another day as time is of the essence tonight. I was brought up to believe that your house had to be spotless for Hogmanay so I am running about like a madwoman, trying to tidy/clean and not getting very far. It is a hopeless task really as I would need at least a month to get my house properly tidy, though I suppose it will do no harm to try. I got somewhat distracted from the task this morning by having an EastEnders marathon as I hadn't seen any of it over the Christmas week. I think that is the first time I have ever watched 4.5 hours of Easties in a oner (Bye, Stacey! I love you!) and there's another 40 minutes to watch tonight too. I'll be bringing in 2011 with a cockney accent at this rate! I don't have any major Hogmanay plans. Graham is working until 9pm tonight and I am working at 8am tomorrow, so we have only a small window for some sensible new year's celebrations. I went out earlier and got just one or two (a-hem!) snacks and some pink fizz to wash them down. Two people, a few hours and half a supermarket snack section. I'll let you know how it goes...

I'll be back next year (i.e. later this week) to fill you all in on my "crafty" plan. Happy Hogmanay!


  1. I know what you mean about the cleaning Laura. I always start Hogmanay morning in a cold sweat of good intentions. But if I manage to dust the telly and get the bins out for the bells then I'm doing well. Both of which I think I should manage at some point in the next year...

  2. This year I even failed to get the bins out before the bells - the ultimate Hogmanay crime! Today's job is the dismantling of the Christmas tree. Waaaaah!


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