Thursday, December 9, 2010

top telly tonight

I was dreading going back to work today after three luxurious days off, but I had a great day and seemed to have luck on my side with the programmes I ended up having to work on - gruesome old westerns, kids' TV (hated by most subtitlers but loved by me) and a great documentary called At Home With The Georgians, presented by Amanda Vickery who came across as a bona fide expert and enthusiastic enthusiast! It's on BBC 2 tonight at 9.00 (or on iplayer here) and I would definitely recommend watching it. This week's episode was all about women's influences on home decor and the development of the concept of "good taste". The whole thing was super interesting, but there is a great section towards the end about craft and handmade elements of the home, a visit to the incredible looking A La Ronde (a house designed and decorated by two spinster cousins) and a piece about how poor women would use scraps of fabric to identify babies they had to give to the foundling hospital. You should watch.


  1. OOh thanks for the tip Laura - I saw the trailer but forgot to watch or something last week. This week however, I plan to be good to myself! I've kind of been put off 'craft telly' by the second season of Kirsty's handmade crap. Gasp - is that an outrageous thing to say in these parts?!

  2. I think I must be the only one who is liking Kirstie's homemade crap as you put it. Yes, it is the same every week (also the same as last year) and some of the crafts are not the greatest, but any craft on the telly is a good thing in my mind. But don't take my penchant for low-rent telly as a black mark against the Georgian show. It really is good! Hope you enjoy it :)

  3. OH I did! just caught a repeat whilst I was ebaying but have recorded too so I can go back and watch with both eyeballs. Sorry to dis Kirstie and to use nasty words on your blog - I was unnecessarily harsh. I did enjoy her machine embroidery bit tho!

  4. Don't worry, I'm not some crazed Kirstie fan (even though my other half thinks she is my doppelganger, which she is not) and can all too clearly see her flaws. Anyway, the series is over now, so all you Kirstie haters can sleep easy again ;)

    Glad you enjoyed the Georgian show!


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