Friday, August 12, 2011

beds are for sleeping in... allegedly

upcycled television pet bed

Here I am blogging in the middle of the night again. I've been awake for hours already and it's only 3.30am. Gah! Since I left both the cats snoring happily in my side of the bed, it seemed like an appropriate time to share these amazing cat beds I found on etsy yesterday via the favourites of someone in my circle. They're all made by Atomic Attic, whose shop is definitely worth a look as it has all sorts of lovely vintage/handmade/upcycled goodies and not just pet beds.
handmade modern plywood pet bed

This one is pretty stylish and the cat model is the doppelganger
of my friend Kristy's cat, Badger.

upcycled vintage blue suitcase cat and dog bed

Aw! I wish my cats slept in a cute vintage suitcase. Unfortunately, they mainly like to sleep wherever I might be, covering me and all our furniture in cat hair and generally making a nuisance of themselves. I have got them cosy little beds in the past, but they were having none of it.
dark grey and yellow upcycled vintage suitcase pet bed

But then we could always get one for the baby, just while it was too little to object/escape. Tee hee! I don't think Atomic Attic are genuinely suggesting you put your baby in their upcycled pet beds, but this picture did make me chuckle... and seriously contemplate a suitcase baby bed, but only for a second, I promise!

In other cat-related news, my sister rehomed all but one of the first litter of kittens tonight/last night. They are keeping the little black and white one, but all the beautiful grey and tabby ones (including my favourite little sandy tabby) have gone off to their new homes. I'd never even met the kittens and feel very sad about this, so goodness knows how sad it was for Kerry and her family to have to say goodbye :( It makes me quite glad I resisted the temptation to let Poppy and Lola have any kittens. I did think about it for a while.

In other baby-related news, I am now (since Tuesday) fairly certain I've been feeling the baby moving, which is pretty exciting. Of course, the panic is already setting in when I haven't felt it move for a while. Yesterday/today I didn't feel anything until after 8pm. I was trying not to worry because the movements are pretty easy to miss, but I was still very relieved to feel it. I am quite determined not to let myself get too hung up on looking out for movement at the moment, and just take it as it comes. This is not really in my nature, but it will do me good to try to change that nature a bit, I reckon. My tendencies towards worrying were one of the main things that put me off having children. I really wasn't sure it would be a good idea for me to have any children at all because I couldn't imagine a single moment for the rest of my life where I wouldn't be worried/scared that something would happen to them. When we decided we would have children, I gave myself a stern talking to and decided I just wouldn't be the worrying type any more. Well, the pregnancy so far has shown me that you can't really just decide not to be the worrying type. I hoped maybe I'd worry less once I could actually feel the baby in there, but the last couple of days have shown me that I'm probably just going to worry even more. Oh well, I'd better get used to it, I suppose!

Something else I'm getting used to is having no shame. I was going into town to meet Graham last night/tonight and had a bit of a funny turn while I was waiting for the underground. I've had quite a few funny/fainting turns since I've been pregnant, but not really since I was around 12-13 weeks. Actually, most of these funny turns have happened while standing on the platform on the underground waiting for my train, although the most spectacular and embarrassing one happened in the middle of Superdrug. I had to get medical assistance (i.e. a seat, a glass of water and lots of kindly reassurance) from the staff, who were so lovely to me. It was quite funny to tell all the staff of Superdrug I was pregnant when I still hadn't even told any of my friends. Anyway, I hadn't had one of these fainty feelings for a good few weeks, but as I was standing on the platform last night, I started feeling very woozy. I knew I would be OK once the train arrived and I could sit down, so I leant against the wall, pressed my face against the cold (and manky) bricks and did lots of heavy breathing and rubbing of my forehead until the lights of the train appeared in the tunnel. By this time my ears were ringing and I could hardly see, but I had my eyes on the prize and I concentrated all my energy into thinking about how soon I would be able to sit down. When I got on the train, however, there was only one seat left and a man nipped past me and plonked himself down in it. The train set off and I had to stand, holding onto the handrail, but my ears were still ringing and I was breaking out in a sweat. More than anything, I didn't want to fall over, especially not on a fast-moving train that would likely send me flying, so I gathered all my energy and shouted over the din of the tracks, to nobody in particular, "I'M SORRY, BUT CAN SOMEBODY PLEASE GIVE ME THEIR SEAT? I FEEL VERY FAINT." And, to his credit, the man who had pinched the last seat from right under my nose jumped up immediately and let me sit down. As predicted, once I sat down I felt much better - no longer fainty, just mortally embarrassed. Roll on the days when the bump is so big that I can just point at it and raise my eyebrows instead of having to shout in public.


  1. These are very cool! love the TV and suitcase one the best :)

  2. They're great, aren't they? You can't see it so clearly in the photo I used, but the little mouse toy on the TV one is actually attached to the aerial.

  3. I love that suitcase bed! But cats have a habit of never sleeping in their beds don't they, ours completely ignores his most of the time in favour of any box that arrives in the house! It's exciting when you first feel the baby move isn't it - mine is rapidly running out of room but its amazing (and a bit bizarre!) to see limbs protruding etc:)

  4. Our cats love new boxes too. Lola (the big monster one) squeezes herself into tiny shoe boxes and leaves her belly and various limbs hanging over the sides.

    I've just had a very busy weekend, doing lots of running about, and haven't really felt a bona fide movement for days, although there's been lots of fluttering. I might spend tonight sitting very still and concentrating on my belly :)


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