Monday, August 8, 2011

my victorian swimming pool

I blogged about a morning at my local swimming pool a few months back and was bemoaning not having a photo of the pool itself. I don't know why I didn't think of pinching a publicity shot. This is my pool. Isn't it lovely? You should look at my original post to see the slightly less perfect-looking details, but you've got to take the rough with the smooth and I'd much rather swim somewhere with mouldy ceilings and lovely Victorian features than somewhere without mould or character.

Would you believe I am up too early to go swimming today? I don't know if it's pregnancy itself or the related lack of booze that makes my eyelids ping open at sunrise, but something is causing me to have the sleep patterns of an OAP. It feels very healthy and I quite like it, provided I haven't had to work too late the night before. Actually, my work are so nice that they're letting me make all my late shifts a bit earlier until the baby arrives, so that's not a problem any more. Hooray for sympathetic employers!

Talking of work, today is my first of eight luxurious days off. Yippee! Well, I'm actually on call tomorrow, but hopefully I will have eight luxurious days off. I was unexpectedly off yesterday too, to be honest, but that was thanks to another migraine. (Two migraines in the space of four weeks after eight years without any? The baby is definitely getting the blame for this!) I had a long lie down in the morning and felt much better by lunchtime, well enough to spend the afternoon knitting and feeling guilty for not being at work. There is a new sense of urgency to the knitting though as I just found out that my sister is pregnant too! She's due a month after me. This is very exciting news, but since her other three children all got hand-knits from me when they arrived, there is definite pressure to treat baby number four the same way. I already had the extreme stress caused by being nearly halfway through this pregnancy and having nothing in place for the baby except a ridiculous hat with bunny ears. I don't know what we need to get or do, or really where to begin, but I need to start getting organised soon for my own peace of mind. I'll just get this knitting out of the way first...

Those last two sentences pretty well sum up my frustrating attitude to everything in life. Priorities, Laura, priorities...

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