Thursday, August 18, 2011

crochet vs knitting - let the battle commence!

I just bought the pattern for this gorgeous crocheted baby cardigan from the tree bridge on etsy. Isn't it lovely? I hope it's not too hard to make. To my untrained eye it looks kind of achievable.

My baby knitting is going very slowly. Knitting is just not as pick-up-and-put-down-able as crochet, so I never really get the urge just to knit for a few minutes here and there. I'm hoping to make some good progress this weekend though, hopefully even finish the knitted cardigan altogether because I have some urgent crocheting to do. I have a terrible confession to make... I have decided I want to keep the ripple blanket. I am a bad person, I know, but I just don't think anyone else could love it as much as I do and it gives me such a warm and homely feeling just to look at it. I like its oversized stature and hate the thought I could give it to someone who might find it a cumbersome burden. It was the first proper item I ever crocheted and I just don't feel it could ever be topped. So I'm keeping it. Of course, this means my super organisation of making baby gifts five months ahead of schedule has been scuppered and I need to make a last-minute baby gift asap! I think I'm actually going to make a slightly smaller ripple blanket and I'm looking forward to it.

Crochet wins the battle.

(Anybody know of any amazing but easy crochet patterns for baby gubbins?)


  1. I really don't blame you for keeping the ripple blanket, I would, it's gorgeous! :)

  2. Good for you keeping the blanket - it's cool :-)
    Why not do little hats and mittens for baby pressies - I'm sure you could pop one out in a couple of hours - especially crocheted ones! Check out Ravelry (if you haven't already) :-)

  3. I think it is guilt that makes me feel I have to make another ripple blanket, but since you both agreed with my selfish decision, maybe I could make something quicker :) Mind you, the giant ripple blanket only really took about a fortnight, so making one a quarter of the size shouldn't really take too long at all. Plus, with my very limited crochet experience, I know I can do it! I'm definitely planning on crocheting more for our baby though, including a pair of cowboy boots. Yee ha!

  4. that cardi looks cute! you can do it! I don't think it's bad that you've kept it - it's awesome!

    + I'm knitting a couple of bits from the debbie bliss baby knits for beginners book - you should have a look they are super simple+cute and fairly quick I think! Might make knitting seem more awesome to pick up!

  5. I have actually knitted a few things from that book before and did like them. I don't think I found knitting so painfully slow (though I was never fast - I have a bad holding technique) until I tried crochet. I've been making the replacement ripple blanket since last night and it's already bigger in area than the jumper I've been knitting for weeks. I think I'd have to find a pretty special garment to make me want to knit again. Well, I'm sure I'll knit again one day, but for the moment I definitely feel the pressure of the January deadline looming with a million other things (not knitting or crochet!) that I need to get done by then too. Stress!


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