Thursday, August 11, 2011

BFF pin

Remember those macrame friendship bracelets we all used to love so much back in the day? Did you have them going halfway up your arm? Did your friends really make them all for you or were you guilty of adding a few of your own creations to your collection? Did you leave them on permanently and hope the bath cleaned them as much as it cleaned you? (It never did.) Don't you wish someone would come up with a slightly more stylish alternative, something that captures the spirit of friendship bracelets without the need to wear increasingly grubby items permanently round your wrist? May I present to you... the BFF pin!

After many months in the pipeline (you can see the beginnings of this idea back in April) I finally finished and listed a new product in my etsy shop. I had great plans for BFF pins to be my next big thing, something I would make and sell in quadruple (ha!) figures. That is not happening. These aren't exactly difficult to make, but they are what I like to refer to as "a faff and a half" and I certainly don't want to be making them in massive numbers, by which I mean more than about five in my lifetime! For now, there is just this little red, white and blue guy listed in my shop along with the promise that I can make you a custom one in different colours if you have your heart set on something specific. I might (might, might, might) make a wee handful of them if (if, if, if) I ever do another market, but I think that is as far as this product will go. It's the sort of thing that needs to be cheap for people to want to buy it, but needs to be expensive to justify the amount of time I spent wrestling (literally) with it. Definitely not a practical money-spinner!

What a craftily productive day I have had today. Hooray!

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