Thursday, August 11, 2011

progress report - weaving

So far I have spent the morning weaving this little circle. It's been fun. I was a bit limited in my colour palette, but since it's crafting without purpose, I just went with what I had.
And since I had vowed not to do any tidying or organising, I just swept aside some stuff to create a little space to weave in. It would be nice to have clear and calm surroundings, but it would have taken me all day to reach that point and left no time for the crafting.
Mmmm! Weaving is so nice in close up. I think I prefer the simple over-under-over-under and might do the whole circle in that next time. You can see (maybe...) that I did the middle blue stripe and the bottom pink stripe a bit differently, with an over-over-under-over-over-under. I was excited about this (I love a bit of herringbone) but my reaction to the finished stripes are mostly meh.

I know this is meant to be crafting without purpose, but it has given me an idea for my mum's Christmas present. Christmas is causing me a niggling feeling of stress already this year, so I am glad to be having gift ideas in August, whether they come to fruition or not.

I'm going to go and have something to eat just now, then finish off this circle and start some other crafty thing. Hopefully I'll be back with another progress report a bit later.

p.s. I know I already linked to this quite recently, but I used this tutorial/idea for the woven circle patch.


  1. That is so pretty! Great work.

  2. Thank you :) I think there's definitely potential here. Hopefully I get round to trying some more weaving again soon.


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