Friday, March 23, 2012

dulcie's cultural education

 Making sure your child receives sufficient cultural stimuli is a serious job.  Here's Dulcie being all cultured and whatnot at the People's Palace last weekend.  She is nothing if not sophisticated, as you can see.
She really does seem to enjoy outings but doesn't mind where we go if I'm honest.  Yesterday our daily outing was to the neonatal hospital (her old home!) for a check-up and even that kept her entertained for the best part of the afternoon.  She stared at a packet of surgical gloves for a good ten minutes quite happily.  On the way home the unexpected sunshininess lifted her spirits (like it seemed to do for everyone in the west end - the park was mobbed with happy people, dogs and ukuleles) and I managed to get some half-decent photos for once.

As of today, Graham has six glorious days off work and we have lots of daytrips etc. planned.  Rural locations, seaside towns, picnic tables and charity shops here we come!  Hooray!

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