Tuesday, March 27, 2012

lakes and cakes (or lochs and... never mind!)

We picnicked in Balloch on Friday and stumbled across this amazing bakery called Cottonrake on the way to the train station.  Apparently they have been open for 18 months, so I'm not sure how we had failed to notice them before.  They have the most delicious-looking window ever, full of pies and cakes.
Graham went in and got us a couple of cakes while I stayed outside with Dulcie and took this photo of the lady taking our goodies out of the window display.
Balloch was just what the doctor ordered.  I had been craving a stroll by some scenic water for a while.
I saw these unusual plants in a swampy bit as we walked through the woods.  We had a lovely picnic overlooking Loch Lomond and then wandered through the woods a bit more and back into the town.

What do you do when your neighbour copies you and names their house the same thing as yours?  You might need to make the picture bigger if you want to find out.

We saved our humungous cakes from the bakery until late afternoon when we sat outside a pub and ate them with a cup of coffee and cream.  Mmmm!  Excuse the baby attached to my boob.  I really do forget she's even there these days, although sometimes when she is feeding in public she has the annoying habit of stopping for a nosy and leaving me "hanging out" for all and sundry to see as she cranes her neck around.  As my friend said the other day, "There's breast-feeding in public and then there's sitting in the park with your boobs out."  I think they've probably been seen by most Glaswegians by now.


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