Friday, March 2, 2012

buttons at long bleedin' last

My mum's been visiting the last couple of days.  We were too busy having a nice time (going to the cinema, out for lunch, snuggling up with babies) for me to get many of my planned jobs done, but I did manage to find and attach buttons on all the cardigans I had made for Dulcie when she was still just Beyonce-Buble to us.  They're all still a bit big for her, but only just, so it's good that the buttons will be ready when she is.


  1. shes going to be the best dressed little one in the whole wide woolly cardigan world.

  2. Thanks :) She has so many clothes now she's reached normal baby size, what with all the presents people gave us and things I bought/made before she was born. It's actually really stressful trying to make sure she wears everything before she grows out of them. (File this under things I never thought I'd worry about...)


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