Sunday, March 18, 2012

mothers cubed

This week my granny came to visit us so she could meet Dulcie.  My granny lives on the island of Islay and will be 80 later this year.  She doesn't like to leave Islay these days if she can help it, but Dulcie proved too much of a temptation so my mum went to Islay to collect her.  Here we are, four generations of ladies - Dulcie, her mum, her granny and her great-granny a.k.a. the Cailleach.  After visiting us, my mum persuaded my granny to go and stay with her in Elgin for a few days.  They travelled from Glasgow to Elgin by train, the first time my granny had been on a train since before she was married over 60 years ago.  Now we're hoping she might go and visit my sister in France for her 80th birthday.  My mum has a passport application form for her.

Hope any mums/sons/daughters reading this are having a lovely Mother's Day.  I think we're going to take some sandwiches to the park to enjoy the blue skies for a while.


  1. what a lovelt photo...four generations! Blimey! thats fantastic.

    1. Just a shame Dulcie wasn't playing the game in this photo (waaaaaah!) but it was the only one where her three elderly relatives were all looking at the camera!


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